Bonita Brown is about you. It’s about me. It’s about being the kind of person that you wish you could see more of in the world. Ever find yourself feeling underrepresented? I did, and so, I decided to represent myself!

In my early twenties I began to really reflect on the predominant influencers in my life. What I noticed was that none of them looked like me. Although my shero’s and hero’s were (and still are) the root of my motivation to create positive change in my life and in the lives of those around me, I still felt that something was missing.

This apparent lack encouraged me to do some research and find out if anyone else out there was writing or talking about what I felt.

I found one source. And being the whimsical 20 something year old that I was, that source was quickly lost in the vast interweb. But luckily, I remember what the writer said. This unknown writer described that in the U.S. latino people are absent from the collective consciousness. They’re out of site and because of this, they’re out of mind.

I read those words a decade ago and to my benefit, the world around me has changed in a positive way, to the degree that there are increasing numbers of successful, talented and praise-worthy Latinos in the public eye. And because I want to be a part of the forward movement of my culture, country and gender, here I am, blogging on thoughts, insights and the things I love.

I can’t say that this blog is about being Latino. Although some of my perspectives derive from my cultural upbringing, this blog is really just about me showing up in the world in hopes to be a positive part of it all.

And so that’s (part of) the story of Bonita Brown.

I hope you find something of value on this site. I’m open to questions and comments and even suggestions on topics to research and write about.

Nevertheless, Bonita Brown is here.

With lots of love,